Fellow Covans,

 Our President, MajGen Ray Smith, has asked me to pass the following information concerning Association activities for 2011 and 2012.

 Background: Your Board of Directors and Association officers were canvassed earlier this year and asked for their thoughts as to what activities should be planned for 2011-12.  The majority opinion was to not  hold a general reunion in 2011 but encourage the membership to get together by self-determined geographical regions and hold dinners, luncheons or other activities if they so desire.  This is the course of action adopted for 2011.

 A general reunion for 2012 is in the conceptual stage of development and is addressed in MajGen Smith's remarks below.

     "As most of you know, we have tried to open our ranks to today's Marines who are, or have been, serving as advisors in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So far, none are kicking our doors down.  For what it is worth, I think we should continue to make the offer, but we need not feel bad if none come.  At our core, we are really a one-time, unique group who have one thing in common - we served as CoVans with the Vietnamese Marines.  I, for one, am proud of that, and make no apologies if we seem "exclusive".  I think we are pretty damn exclusive!

    " I do encourage us all to stay in touch however we can with  our old friends in the TQLC, to go to their gatherings when at all possible, and to include them in ours.  Jim Joy has tentatively offered to organize a general reunion in Branson, MO (a great place to have one I think) in 2012.  I hope that can happen and think that we should be optimistic about Patty's health and hope we can all see Jim and her in Branson next year."

     Semper Fi,
     Ray Smith
     Major General of Marines

 The Officers and Board extend their thanks to Tom Gnibus and Dave Randall for offering to organize a general reunion on the West coast this year.  

 Semper Fidelis,

Bill Warren


Fellow Marines,

 The Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce the IRS has granted tax exempt/contribution deductible status to the United States Marine Corps Advisors' Association, Inc. (USMCAA).  This is not a plea for funds, but to let you know of this significant event. 

 The current officers of the Association are:

 President: Ray Smith, MajGen. USMC (Ret)   Ray Smith

1st Vice President: Dan Whitten, MSgt USMC (Ret) Dan Whitton

2nd Vice President: Gordon Keiser, Colonel USMC (Ret) Gordy Keiser

Treasurer: William Wischmeyer, Colonel USMC (Ret) Bill Wischmeyer

Secretary: William Warren, Colonel USMC (Ret)   Bill Warren

Member:  Major Carl White USMC (Ret.) Carl White

Member:  Cyril L Kammeier USMC (Ret.) Cy Kammeier

Ex-Officio:  Association Attorney-in-Fact: Emmett Sterling Huff, Esq., LtCol USMC (Ret) Sterling Huff

Updates.  If you wish to update your home address, email address, telephone number, etc. I can be contacted at the email address opposite my name.

 Semper Fidelis,

William "Bill" Warren



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